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Although an artist can get ahead of others with his sheer wit, talent, and charisma, half of the success, meanwhile, is in the hands of his management agency. If you’re the agent or the manager, therefore, it’s your job to make sure that your talent doesn’t miss any very important meetings or shows that can potentially damage his and your reputation.

There are a lot of scheduling tools out there, but only a few can meet to one’s needs and expectations. These include Eigennaam.

Eigennaam is a backend application that is designed using MySQL and Drupal 7. This means if you have at least a moderate background with content management systems, you wouldn’t have a hard time modifying the design and use. Nevertheless, even if you don’t, you can still effectively make use of the application because it has a very convenient interface.

With it, users can:

  • Create schedules and keep track of important dates in real time
  • Restrict access to authorized persons only
  • Manage different schedules of various artists
  • Combine calendar views, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Integrate the calendar with the job tasks such as tours, shows, and sponsorships
  • Tick off completed tasks or appointments

With the implementation of this application, users, such as talent managers and scouts, can now:

  • Enjoy more efficiency and productivity
  • Properly schedule artists (no more overlapping of commitments)
  • Help monitor the artist’s work and growth
  • Schedule and keep track even when you’re on the go
  • Allow the artist to participate in the scheduling as he can also be provided access to the tool
  • Guarantee that all the artists are provided with equal job opportunities as much as possible

The world of art can be very competitive, and the artists can only do so much. They need people like you who can help them ensure they have a regular job while being able to share their passion and skill to the world. Get yourself a great partner too with Eigennaam.


Drupal 7,HTML,CSS,Jquery