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No business can ever run without any marketing strategy, and yet all owners are aware that such tactics must not only be efficient but also effective, that is, they’re able to help the enterprise achieve their goals including a boost in profit and growth. Marketing therefore should be measurable.

This is where most of the problems come in. Many businesses follow the same traditional path: promote their products and services. However, they are usually caught up with the initial phases they fail to go through to the next ones, including the most crucial points such as analysis of performance.

In order to address this serious issue, Gulf Oil has created its own application. Its main role is to track and later measure the performance of its different promos all around the country. These techniques may include display of banners and other printed materials into dealers’ offices and shops, as well as rewards and gifts to clients or customers.

The app works in 3 phases. On the first phase, the app helps determine the dealer’s shop financial position like how much it’s earning a few months before the campaign and its number of customers. It also covers the initial implementation of the campaign, such as the setting up of banners. Photos accompany this stage, which will then serve as proof of the execution of the marketing strategy.

The last 2 phases, meanwhile, are already audits. These are the times when these campaigns are comprehensively tracked and assessed. At this point, factors affecting the dealer are also recorded. These may include their level of professionalism, knowledge of the product, and performance during the campaign, whether he also exerted effort to bring the business closer to his market.

The app can then generate the much-needed data for two highly important things: the success level of the marketing strategy and the performance of the dealer. This way, Gulf Oil Company can see which of their dealers performed well during the period.