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Do you need a thorough and reliable information system to manage hazardous substances? Quintens ISA has been around since 2005, giving users an easy-to-use, dependable, and robust interface that can help them effectively manage dangerous components, whether they are for industrial or commercial applications.

The information system has been designed to:

  • Allow users to build, modify, delete, and sort large databases
  • Be scalable and grow as the enterprise does
  • Become accessible and mobile through its web-based version
  • Meet the strict standards and regulations set by different industries
  • Speeds up the requisition and digitization or storage of information from documents
  • Generate workplace directions customized to show off the brand of the business

How does it work? It serves various parties. First, the subscriber requests for certain items using the database. A created ISA team shall then evaluate the list as well as the items mentioned in it. They are responsible for determining whether the items are legal or not. After they have assessed the documents, they are then the ones who shall request these items directly from the suppliers.

The suppliers shall then open their own ISA account to see the approved list of items. They will then see to it that the documents needed are processed and are obtained. All the information found in the document will also form part of the database that the system holds. They are also digitized.

We believe in customization, making sure that the information system fits the business model and even the preference and growing needs of our clients. Hence, we have created a group of ISA specialists that is in charge of that. They begin the process with comprehensive consultation before the actual customization is performed. This way, revisions are reduced and that the system becomes truly tailor made.


Kohana,RESTful API,PHP5,MySQL,JQuery,HTML5