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Are you currently living in Belgium or the Netherlands? Do you want to earn some extra income? Would you like to get rid of a few items others may find useful? Do you wish to buy certain things? Here’s the best place that answers all your questions: Sjnabbeltjes.

Sjnabbeltjes is a thriving online community that is for everyone. It can act as a starting point for sellers to earn as they can place their ads and allow the buyers to send a message privately. On the other hand, the buyers can also find the online portal to be a handy tool in looking for wide variety of items, including but not limited to caravans and camping equipment, electronics, books, toys, and home improvement items. They can also go here if they wish to post or find jobs.

The website works by creating a digest of all the posts every week, which will then be sent to all member or subscriber accounts. This then allows them to revisit the posts and even catch on the ones they’ve missed during the rest of the week.

Sjnabbeltjes also offers the following benefits:

  • Multi-domains:

    The website can now be accessed using 2 domains. These are and This simply opens up your opportunity to wider markets

  • Quick turnaround and sale:

    The website has a fast-growing number of members, which means you now have a much higher chance to declare profit the shortest time possible.

  • Business growth:

    With two domains and distribution of ads to all subscribers, you can definitely maximize your exposure at a reasonable cost. As more people can get acquainted with your ads, the more you bring your products and services a lot closer to your target market.

  • Comprehensive search:

    Users can now search for items they need based on geographical location, like neighborhood and postal code, allowing them to do business on people closest to them.


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