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Our client is a consultancy for internal and external communication with offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. With his specialty crisis desk is among the top 3 in the Netherlands.The service covers the entire process:

from prevention and preparation, advice on how to tackle a specific crisis to evaluation and follow-up,in sectors
such as food, (semi-) government, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial, construction, IT and business services.

Client used to preapre a PDF for each and every advisory section. They used to forward PDF files to their clients.
Any change is content was difficult for them,as then they need to make changes in content and res-send all those changed files to all clients. This was a task in itself.


Tiez came up with the implementation of a WordPress based CMS system for each of their client,that allowed client for constant updates on the website,and a custom WordPress plugin to export website content into a PDF book.


Extremely quick and easy way to manage Crisis Advisory content and PDF book. The overall requirements were met and the client is very satisfied with the end product.