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E-commerce or electronic commerce has evolved into a robust form of doing business shedding its early blues. Many of the roadblocks that the early entrants into e-commerce faced have now been resolved and today, we have a long list of successful participants in the web world. E-commerce has created a win-win platform for the sellers and buyers and online shopping has already been well received in most global markets. Even with this strident growth, e-commerce contributes to only a small percentage of the global trade.

Virtual Shops

The brick and mortar store fronts suffer from huge limitations in terms of prime commercial space, human resources, investment in large inventories, slow moving stocks, shift in customer preferences and so on. In sharp contrast, e-commerce is free from most, if not all these constraints. Virtual shops built on a wide range of digital platforms presents you the ability to show case your products or services without having to invest in physical stocks. Apart from this, your virtual shop is open 24x7x365 for the global audience to reach out and examine your offerings.

Wide Range of Solutions

At Tiez-interactive we offer several solutions for existing as well as new e-commerce enterprises to further their pursuit and build a complete e-commerce suit for those who are venturing into this juicy terrain for the first time. Through focused attention to the minutest details of the client’s needs and application of state-of-the art technology, we have grown to be among the leading provider of solutions under multiple platforms like Drupal development, OS commerce development, PHP framework development, Joomla development and a wide range of other appropriate platforms.

We specialize in providing a complete e-commerce suite as well as the major functional areas like:-

  • Developing custom E-commerce modules
  • Open source E-commerce modules
  • Developing online stores
  • Developing E-commerce applications
  • Developing B2B market place modules
  • Developing B2C market place modules, and more under the E-commerce umbrella.

Integration Services

We also provide integration services for a wide range of E-commerce applications including configuring 3rd party modules and developing need based modules to connect

  • Payment gateways
  • CRM systems
  • Accounting software
  • Inventory management software etc.

Security and scalability are the other major considerations associated with E-commerce. The platform chosen to build E-commerce solutions should therefore lend itself to these key attributes. Most of our E-commerce solutions are built on Magneto/Opencart/OS Commerce/Zencart or Ubercart