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With mobile technology evolving almost by the day, more and more users would be using a wide range of mobile devices to access the internet. Some people simply tweak their existing website and assume that they have done enough for the mobile viewers. They tend to ignore the key factors like bandwidth and screen resolutions that are entirely different for the mobile devices. The better option is to create an entirely different website that is dedicated to the mobile viewers. This is the only way you can ensure targeting people who are constantly on the move, or those that are addicted to the mobile devices.

The mobile version of your website should be designed for high bandwidth, but in the real world, high bandwidth is not available everywhere. Do we leave out your target audience who do not have access to high bandwidth? Similarly, the redirection codes should be easily detected by the search engines to avoid confusions between the two variants of your website. At Tiez interactive we use technology to keep these factors adequately covered.

Eye on Load Time

Like with the desktops and laptops, mobile users would expect your website to load quickly. If this does not happen, the fingers go instantly to the back button, and you could have potentially lost a valuable customer. Effective optimization of the entire website with specific focus on the graphics and images will ensure fast loading of the pages. We will also employ other tools to compress CSS and HTML content.

All Mobile Devices are Not Alike

Understanding the characteristics of various mobile devices and tuning into the specific attributes of the devices will gain precedence over other factors while designing your mobile website. Having a great mobile variant of your website is not an option, but an abject necessity in the modern day world. Therefore, we develop android, iOS and Phonegap applications to answer specific customer needs, at a time when more and more customers are migrating to hand held devices at a fast pace and smartphones are becoming more powerful to handle heavier loads like complex graphics.

Phonegap is a very facile work and now with Adobe having acquired Phonegap, more and more functionalities are being added constantly. Phonegap makes it a lot more convenient to develop mobile applications for different operating systems and platforms simultaneously. Phonegap thus offers the answer for customers who are looking for really quick solutions across mobile platforms.

Android solutions is another area where we offer significant expertise to increase the accessibility of your business to smart phone users. You marketing efforts can acquire different dimensions by attracting target audience with fun contests, interactive games etc, make special offers to a particular class of users or other methods to enhance existing revenue streams or build new revenue streams. We, at Tiez will ensure that every application developed for you is compatible with all android versions including the latest ones.

Creating new iOS applications or redesigning existing applications to suit more latent development requirements is another area where we excel. The collective hands on experience and expertise of our team can ensure very speedy turnaround for most of your requirements related to a wide range of Apple products.

The Tiez Advantage

Tiez interactive is backed by professionals with wide ranging and competent experience across various mobile platforms. We can therefore comprehensively address all your mobile development needs with quick turnarounds and competitive pricing.