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What is an API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a specification which is used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.Mainly web based app.An API acts basically as a software to software interface enabling apps to interact without any user knowledge or intervention.APIs are instrumental in helping the main application spread into others and increasing user reach.When used in the context of web development, an API is typically defined as a set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages, along with a definition of the structure of response messages, which is usually in an XML or JSON format.

What is REST?

REST: Representational State Transfer (REST) is a style of software architecture for distributed systems such as the World Wide Web. REST has emerged as a predominant Web service design model (Wikipedia). Our APIs are designed with well crafted structure, proper authentication, performance and cached execution.

Tiez interactive is capable of highly specialized API development. We can build high performance APIs suited to varying business models and ensuring their seamless integration with powerful business apps.Tiez interactive provides full REST/JSON based API implementation and related apps with best practices.

Apart from building high perfromace APIs we have extensive experience in integrating Social APIs like Facebook,Twritter,Linkedin etc.. with your website.Integration can be done using Widgets (Profile widget, search widget), Retweet buttons, Twitip ID, WordPress Tweetbacks, Follow Me buttons, Twitterfeed and various other available tools. We can help you build a custom solution and allow you to leverage cloud services that may be just what your business strategy requires.