Dealer Onboarding and Management Software

Automate and accelerate dealer onboarding with our
Dealer onboarding software development in India, easily gather, validate, and consolidate info for quick stakeholder approval

Turn your Dealer Onboarding process breezy and easy with everything at one place

Create a centralised connection across hierarchies and eliminate paperwork and human error

Smart and automatic capture and distribution of dealer leads

No need to play match-maker with your dealer inquiries, capture inquires across channels, and send them to the right agent based on pin-code, availability, product type, and any other customisable criteria with our Dealer management system

Say Goodbye to Mundane Paperwork

Ditch the bulky paperwork with our mobile CRM. Collect, upload, and sync documents digitally on the go, Plus, they can capture meeting notes and update dealer progress stages. Make the process flawless with our dealer management software development services.

Instantly Verify Dealer Documents

No more playing detective and delaying the verification process. Upload the documents and pass the baton to your verification team, integrate your verification process and approve dealers in-real time with our dealer onboarding solutions.

Make life easier for your onboarding team/ Unloack a new age of productivity for your Onboarding team.

Scratch away scheduling worries with our supplier management software solutions. Automatically map out your agents day, and routes Keep track of nearby meetings. Ensure a clutter-free experience with flexible forms.

Find all your onboarding information at one stop/ Bid farewell to data juggling and find all your onboarding information on one dashboard.

  • Real-time updates of your agents activity
  • Keep track of the the end-to-end onboarding cycle
  • Oversee dealers and their performance
Dealer Onboarding And Management Software Solutions

Our Most Loved Features That Make Us The Best Dealer Onboarding Software Development Company in India.

Get all the information about the dealership/franchise available

Easily promote them to the stakeholders in a seamless way.

Forget the hassles of paperwork with a dynamic review and approval process.

Collect and verify information digitally for a quick approval

Create Digital Agreements as per your criteria

Get them validated with Aadhar based e-sign

Plan, schedule, and track the tasks involved in completing the project

Get real-time updates about the pace of the project

Track progress digitally.

Identify potential issue early on and address them promptly

Regular review uncovers any errors in the setup process

Be on top of any kind of legal or compliance issues

Understanding performance data and getting actionable insights to make more informed decisions about resource allocation, strategies, and future endeavours.

Tracking KPIs fosters accountability and provides for a common language for discussing performance.

Communicate Progress backed by numbers and data to stakeholders giving more clarity on the ROI.

Dealer Onboarding Features

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Beyond Software Development Services: We are more than just a Software Development Company, we like to call ourselves your partners in designing automated workflows that create positive impact.

In-House Talent With Robust Experience Our expert pool of inhouse designers, tech consultants, and developers makes for the perfect dream team that will act as an extension to your team. With us it's not your typical agency-client relationship, but that of one team.

A. Offshore Remote Teams A remote model that allows you to have teams that work as a part of your organization but from our location. This serves as a pragmatic and feasible option if you seek complete control and investment from us for your operations.

B. Fixed Price Projects A working model that requires us to define the specific scope and deliverables on every campaign and project we offer you. This includes fixed budgets and fixed timelines that comes with professionalism and systematic patterns.

Our development team works systematically in various steps. Here they are:

  • We help assemble the right team by choosing the right candidates fit for the job to take that responsibility off your shoulders.
  • We create a sprint roadmap with a collaborative team effort, where every member contributes with their inputs.
  • We separate the codes and decouple monolithic software into microservices that aids easier and efficient work by the team.
  • We break down the execution process with separate deadlines for each instead of one single deadline to produce quality as per your needs.
  • We conduct code reviews before the launch to identify any concerns like leaks, low performance, and other issues.
  • We conduct weekly demos, reviews, and standups to clear doubts and ensure the work is moving as per the requirements.

Yes, we're up to the challenge. We're one of the few firms specializing in enterprise UX design and digital transformation of legacy business software. We've perfected our process over the years, modernizing digital platforms for leading companies such as CEAT, Mahindra, Nissan, Capri Healthcare and Renault. We analyze and evaluate options in your business context to improve your business, either by extending and innovating existing digital business or by creating brand new, potentially disruptive solutions.

We're a full-service digital agency and our services span from user research and information architecture, UX UI design, prototyping, and user testing to full-stack development and design systems.

Yes, we do. We're also a user experience agency, where branding is an integral part of any UX UI design project. We position ourselves as a different kind of branding agency that focuses on tech companies, digital products, and direct-to-consumer brands. Our branding capabilities include research, brand and digital strategy, logo design, visual identity, graphic design, motion design, style guide development, web design and more.

However, our clients often provide us with a brand strategy or a complete visual identity package. In these cases, we use the current brand foundation as a starting point, where we don't just apply it to our designing but also make sure we extend and enrich the brand while keeping it true to its roots.